​​​Puppy Mills

While puppy mills are a problem throughout the entire country, there are areas and certain communities where puppy mills are particularly prolific. Dog farming is a large part of the economy for many Amish communities. Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Holmes County, Ohio, and Shipshewana, Indiana are home to thousands of breeding dogs that will spend their lives in puppy mills. This comes as a surprise to many given the reputation of the Amish, and is a side of the Amish community of which most people are not aware and would never knowingly support.

Amish puppy mills supply pet stores and online sales. The dogs spend their entire lives in cages, being bred until they are no longer needed. They are often neglected, are not socialized, and are unfamiliar with human contact - which presents a different set of issues from the ‘normal’ rescue situation. Passion for Pets Rescue (PPR) has partnered with the Puppy Mill Rescue Team and its network of 100 volunteers and three veterinarians in Ohio, to find appropriate homes for these rescued dogs.