​​​​​​Our emergency medical fund is just that! We often have medical situations arise and our adoption fees just don't cover  them. Our vet gives us a discount but even so, it can be expensive. Thank you for your generosity.

Help us help James.

James is a 6-year-old Standard Poodle. He is a local surrender and arrived at the Rescue a bit of a mess. This poor boy had lived most of his life in a crate. His fur was severely matted, his feet and skin were infected, his eyes were goopy due to untreated conjunctivitis, he was about 15 pounds underweight suffering from hookworms, he was Lyme positive, and had Grade 3 dental disease.

James has been prescribed medication for the conjunctivitis, hookworms, and Lyme. He’s received a grooming and is eating and drinking and gaining weight. He is now healthy enough to be neutered, begin his vaccination schedule, and have some teeth removed.

As you can imagine though, all this comes with a price tag. Passion for Pets Rescue is hoping to raise $2,000 to cover James’ medical fees. Any amount is welcome as it all adds up!