What are the fees, and how do I pay?
The adoption fee is $425 for a dog or a puppy. You can pay online or with a certified bank check or cash.

What happens after I submit an application?

The application will be received by the Placement team, and one of the Adoption Coordinators will review your application and call your references.

How many people do I have to talk to before I get a dog?

We TRY our best to minimize but understand it does take a team to rescue, so expect an adoption application screening call, possibly a second call from the adoption team if there are further questions or the dog has requirements we want to see if you have and then a call from the team mobilizing the dog from its foster to you.

What if I want to meet more than one dog?
​Indicate that on your application and coordinator will do their best to accommodate your request and make the necessary arrangements. Please note that a 'meet and greet' will not be arranged until an applicant has been approved.

How long does the adoption process take?
We move the process as quickly as we can. Whenever possible we try within 72 hours of receiving an application to have a decision. In the event there are multiple applicants for the same pet, it will take a little longer.

What happens if there are multiple applicants for the same pet?​
The adoption coordinator will screen on a first-come, first-serve basis but if you are second or even fifth, it is always possible the fifth applicant could be the best fit for the dog.

Now that I am approved what happens?​
The team will coordinate the meeting of the pet(s) sometimes at your home or sometimes at a park or one of our weekly events.  You will get a copy of the adoption contract and adoption process letter.  This will happen as quickly as we can coordinate with your schedule and the foster's availability.

What is the Home Visit?
PPR will do a home visit to check the home environment and ensure everything is right for the pet. We will work around your schedule.

What if I have questions?
You can ALWAYS email info@pprorg.com.

What if I get home, and it is not a good match?
In the rare event that is not successful, we will take the pet back so another family can make it a part of their loving home.

What if I determine at any point I can't take care of my pet?
Call us and we will take the animal back.

How do I get the animal's medical records?
Once the adoption contract has been received, and we've given you a little time to ensure it's a fit, the team gives you the medical records along with a copy of the adoption contract.

Adoption FAQ's